About Boundless

              Our Goal:

At Boundless, we believe in giving back, spreading love, and establishing deep connections with each and every one of our customers. We are here to serve our customers as best as we can. We absolutely love getting to know our supporters and creating long lasting relationships. 


                                                    Our Story:

During the quarantine of 2020, I was at home trying to come up with several ideas that could potentially spark a future that I would be so passionate about pursuing. I am still currently a student at Cumberland University, majoring in marketing, but I had no direct career choice that I felt was right for me. I kept praying for an opened door that God would lead me to, so when the idea of running a boutique popped into my head towards the end of summer, I immediately felt as if God laid it upon my heart. I wanted to make sure that my boutique would honor Him and give back to others and the community. As soon as this opportunity opened up, I began to think of a name that would be intentionally related to the Gospel. The name came from God's boundless love and when the word "boundless" entered my mind, I knew it was exactly what I wanted my boutique to be called. God has no bounds with love, grace, and mercy. All I could think about were ways I could set my boutique apart from others and how I could spread the light of Christ. I absolutely want the best for my customers which is why I adore brands that give back. These brands are so important because not only do you support a small business, but you're embracing the needs of others as well. I am beyond grateful and excited to continue this journey with you all. I look forward to seeing every one of you!