Our Story

                                                    Our Story:
 Boundless Boutique started as an idea in the year of 2020 aka known as the Covid & tornado year for Middle Tennessee. The owner, Abby Puckett had always dreamt of owning a boutique since she can remember, but the idea didn't seem realistic to her at the time. She was involved in the track team at Cumberland University and majoring at marketing. It wasn't until the year of 2021 that she put that idea into motion and began chasing her dreams and that meant working all day and night for this opportunity to come into fruition. Boundless Boutique participated in numerous market and pop up sales, as well as launching fully online to get exposure. In order to keep growing, the boutique needed a home, it needed a store front and the chance to meet face to face all of their loyal customers.The original store front was located at 1803 Murfreesboro road in Lebanon, TN and the doors opened on June 26th of 2021 after a ton of remodeling and renovation that took place the year before. Juggling school, track, and owning a business, Abby graduated Cumberland University in the year of 2022 and had to end track and field early. She worked full time at the store front and felt so grateful for God giving her the opportunity to pursue what was laid on heart. The reason the boutique is called Boundless Boutique is because God knows no bounds. He is able to do abundantly more than we could ever possibly imagine. After being at the boutique a year and a half at the first location, the blessing of relocating to the Lebanon Square became a possibility. It took a ton of prayer and faith to make such a big move for the boutique, but the boutique has grown tremendously. The owner is overly excited and thankful to be on her hometown square in the heart of Lebanon and cannot wait to see what God has in store for them.
  Our Goal:
Our mission and purpose is to serve each and every one of our customers with the love of Christ. We strive to offer high quality styles for women and men. We pray that you know how beautifully and wonderfully made you are. We also hope our apparel and accessories help you feel more confident in a modest and humble way. We are so so thankful for you!!