Valentines Date Ideas

Hello boundless babes, this is the first of our many blog posts to come and we just loved the idea of sharing fun, meaningful date ideas for this coming Valentines Day.

First things first, you don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentines Day! Instead, change that V to a G and there you go! Galentines is a sweet way to share the love with your closest besties. So, whether you are dating, engaged, married, or just friends, we are going to share some unique and exciting activities to do on February 14!


Romantic Valentines Ideas:

Go out to a dinner and a movie (Too cheesy? If so, have a picnic, just make sure to bundle up because it can be a little chilly!)

Swing by the nearest grocery store and grab your favorite ingredients!        

Homeade dinner is the always the way to go!                                                                        

Schedule massages for the both of you!                                                                    

Have a night in and order food right to your door. This keeps the stress to a minimum!                                                                                                                        

Go take a stroll and grab a coffee!                                                                                

Set up a time with a photographer and get some adorable valentines day pictures!  (Golden hour also means watch the sunset with your significant other!                  

Order a canvas of the both of you and paint it!                                                              

Have a gift delivered to your date at their work or house! (chocolates, flowers, stuffed animal, or a canvas!                                                                                              

Bake a cake or cupcakes! (An amazing dessert)                                                              

Write letters of love to each other and then read them! 

Galentines Ideas:                                                                                                                     

Movie night with your gal pals! (Chick flicks)                                                                                      

Go get your nails done or paint each others nails! (Pedicures/Manincures)            

Get Starbucks because why not?                                                                            

Go shop boutiques!!                                                                                                        

Have a galentines dinner of pizza and cookies!                                                              

Have a pj party :)                                                                                                                

Do each others makeup!                                                                                          

Get edible cookie dough or make your own cookies and decorate them for a small prize! Plus, who doesn't love icing??